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RocketOn's unparalleled interactive platform lets you connect deeper with coaches and mentors than face-to-face.
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Access hundreds of coaches and mentors profiles. Learn more about them through their biography and clients reviews.

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Schedule sessions and courses with the best experts based on your goals, schedule and budget.

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Connect with the expert through our video and voice chat. Collaborate in real time with features like document sharing and notes.

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Knowledge without limits.

Knowledge without limits.

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Collaborate in real time! During your session you and your expert can upload, review, and work together on documents like learning plans, assignments, images, notes, and worksheets.

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Use our scheduling tools to coordinate and manage your sessions times. Email notifications and reminders will help keep you organized and on time, so you won't miss a thing.

Tap into expert's knowledge and experiences.

A conversational platform

Conversations are the heart and soul of the RocketOn experience. It’s our mission to connect you with experts who can help you with your goals.

Tap into expert's knowledge and experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can the experts help me?

Each expert has unique specialties and experiences that you can tap to achieve personal and professional goals.

The number of experts subscribed to our platform RocketOn grows daily, but if you do not find the help you are looking for, you can let us know and we will try to search for specific experts outside our network for you.

How much does this service cost?

Each expert defines their price per session, and can also create offers of services that are sold as a package of sessions with a more specific goal.

After a Trial Session it is possible for the expert to make a working proposal with customized prices and sessions.

What is a Trial Session?

Before hiring services, we recommend that you schedule a Trial Session with the expert:

These sessions are limited to one (1) per expert, lasting 15-30 minutes (defined by the expert) and with a maximum price of U$10.00 (defined by the expert).

The purpose of this session is to allow you to find out if the expert and his work methodologies are what you are really looking for.

Do I need any specific software?

You will need a computer with a microphone, webcam and broadband Internet access. Headphones are also recommended.

Our platform was developed for the Google Chrome browser.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a process of accelerating results that consists of developing skills and abilities to achieve personal and professional goals, and to be successfully achieved, require: commitment, focus and effective actions by the client

A Coach is the one responsible for conducting a coaching process.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is the process where a more experienced professional guides and shares with their clients experiences and knowledge in diverse areas.

The person in charge of conducting a process of mentoring is called Mentor.

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